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I have always loved sharing my knowledge and experiences, because I strongly believe that sharing is still the best way to learn and remember things. In my blog you will find articles about employer branding, recruitment, career, success, personal branding, motivation and much more.

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Determine your personal values with the worksheet

Determine your values (Englisch)

Do you want to discover your values and thereby have more influence on what makes you tick and how you use that? Here you can download a worksheet that will help you discover your values.
Self Assessment Worksheet by Constantin Consulting

Career Development

Self-assessment of the current work situation.
Career Development Plan_ConstantinConsulting

Career Development Plan

Career development plan, download the plan here
Gap Analysis Template Constantin Consulting

Gap analysis

Gap analysis for your career development. Here you can download the worksheet.

personal VALUES

Do you want to discover your values and feel more empowered and in line with who you are?

Download the worksheet here.


SELF ASSESSMENT of current work situation

Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan, download CDP

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis for Career Development