Testimonials 1

Gerhard Ehinger
Entrepreneur, Process Consulting and Digitization

I have recognized my blind spots

and was able to let go of the past.

“The 1:1 coaching with Inés was a special experience for me, because she understands with professionalism, her coaching know-how and her extensive experience to open new ways.
Through targeted questioning and the methodology she used, I approached my blind spots, reflected on beliefs and was able to let go of the past. Inés is a coach, mentor and a person of the heart.”


Rahel Chopathar
HR Marketing specialist, Eidgenössisches Personalamt EPA

Inés inserts her expertise

with high professionalism and a lot of passion.

“Inés supported me in the production of explanatory videos on the topic of employer positioning: from the development of the story-line to production and post-production. In doing so, she profitably contributed her employer branding expertise and experience in video production. Working with Inés was goal-oriented and fun. Gladly again!”

Melissa Tüptük Testimonial

Melissa Tüptük
Project assistant at GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH


Human Resources during my education

with Inés as a teacher was so much fun.

“Definitely one of the most exciting and informative classes I had the pleasure to attend!
Thanks to Inés’ teaching it became a great pleasure to learn more.”

Julia Thiennemann

Julia Thienemann
Senior Sales Manager

With her professionalism and passion,

Inéstook me a whole step forward.

“Through her professional coaching, cheerful and empathetic approach, every meeting was like a revelation, accompanied by very many aha- moments.
What I appreciated most about it, is not only the fact of being able to immediately apply the collected, positive energy and insights to everyday situations, but to see how it all has a long-term and sustainable effect on me and my actions.”

Long Night of Career Inés Constantin
Inés Constantin Kleven Opening Speech at ETH Zurich Long Night of Careers 2014

In 2014 and 2015 I was the Project Head for the Swiss Long Night of Careers (LNoC). The Long Night of the Career was the first career event of it’s kind and is still being carried out in Switzerland until today. Organized by 7 German Swiss universities initially, the event attracted more than 3000 students at the hosting schools. In 2015 over 12 universities carried out the LNoC all over Switzerland.
Key Competences during my project lead time:
• Project Lead of LNoC Switzerland
• Development of LNoC concept overall in project team consisting of UZH, HSG, HSLU, ETHZ
• Coordination of 7 (2014) and 12 (2015) universities
• Finances
• Sponsoring


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