Project Management

When hiring a Project Manager you want to be reassured that every single detail will be taken care of. Using my Project Management offering you can stay safe in the knowledge that I will look after your project and ensure it reaches its aims. I pride myself on impeccable communication between my clients, contractors and stakeholders and will ensure your project runs smoothly.

Special Events

Would you like to organize special events?

…but you don’t have a world-class project manager who can get the project going?
All is not lost yet – with a little help you can turn the event of your dreams into reality. I offer:

  • Solid project planning from A to Z thanks to years of project management experience
  • Specialization in university events and employer branding activities
  • Good and open communication between all stakeholders
  • High flexibility and quick responsiveness
  • A big picture approach with attention to the smallest details
Inés Constantin presenter lecturer workshop facilitator
Last minute and short term project management

Last-minute project takeover

Are you in need of a last-minute project takeover? Let me support you in emergency situations and be your project manager!

You are at the start of a very important project or you find yourself in the middle of it, when an essential team member unexpectedly drops out and you find yourself looking for a replacement.
Ideally, you’d like somebody to take over quickly and without problems.
Due to years of experience in project management, I have the professional and personal skills to take the lead on your projects in an efficient manner. With my support, you can be sure that your project will end up being a success despite the little road bump!

Training videos

Are you looking to create outstanding training videos for your company?

Training videos are the new allrounder when it comes to professional development in companies at the forefront of change. They also are usually well received by employees.

Well-structured videos help explain complex work processes and topics in a simple and memorable way. In turn, video series help simplify difficult processes as well as structuring them in an understandable way. In short, a highly effective and lucrative method!

Whether presentation videos, demo videos or role plays – I can help you turn training content into first-rate videos. In a consultation, we will find out which training videos make the most sense for your company. If necessary, I work with professionals from my network when it comes to complex video productions.

Internal raining Videos for Companies